2017/2018 WAI Committees

Nominating Committee

               Chair: Matt Guth

               Lee Mikulec

Auditing Committee

               Chair: Paul Olsen

               Rochelle  Skorlinski

Resolution and Legislative Committee

               3rd VP: Dave Karls

                              Stacy Gordon

Science and Practice Committee

               Chair: 2nd VP Jason White 

                           Latent Prints: Madelyne Weismantle 

   Footwear: Melissa Graf

                           Photography: Katie McCoy

                           Crime Scene: Matt Guth

                           AFIS Operations: Adrianna Bast

   AFIS/Ten Print: Tim Erlandson

                           Property: Jason White


Annual Educational Seminar Committee

               Chair: Lisa Hudson

               Melissa Graf

               Julie Avila

               Jason White


Good of the Association

               Chair (Prior President): Lee Mikulec

               (Four past Presidents): Melissa Graf

                                                         Ron Groffy

                                                         Lisa Hudson

Award Recommendations

               Chair: Paul Olsen

Crime Scene Certification

               Chair: Matthew Guth

Latent Print Certification

               Chair: Julie Avila

Forensic Photograph Certification

               Chair: Bob Sanders          

Membership and Recruitment

               Chair: Holly Schultz

               Dan Fuecht

Web Site Committee

               Chair: Julie Avila

               Melissa Graf

Property and Evidence Committee (*)

               Chair:  Vickie Brugger

Julie Mead

Rochelle Skorlinski

Marci Enloe

David Karls

Jason White

Holly Schultz

Forensic Art (*)

               Chair: Truli Nielsen


*Not By-Law Committees. 

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