Resolution and Legislative

Jesse Williams

Chelsea Reed, Jeff Jacoby, Dave Karls

Science and Practice

Chelsea Reed

Latent Prints: Madelyne Weismantel
Ten Print: Tim Erlandson
Crime Scene: Paul Olsen
Footwear: Melissa Graf
Forensic Photography: Katie McCoy
Digital Media: Tim Lau

Annual Education Committee

Lisa Hudson

Dave Karls, Melissa Graf, Julie Avila, Don Krueger, Jeff Jacoby

Good of the Association

Holly Schultz

Paul Olsen, Matt Guth, Julie Mead, Jason White

Forensic Certification Advisory

Melissa Graf

Chelsea Reed

Scholarship Committee

Steve Kirby Ron Groffy, Chelsea Reed, Holly Schultz, Jeff Jacoby, Dave Karls


Marci Enloe Jennifer Kujawa, Jessica Greer

Historical Committee

Ron Groffy


Adrianna Bast

Tim Erlandson, Jessica Greer

Membership and Recruitment

Bob Momberg, Holly Schultz

Property and Evidence Committee

Cyndel Sawall

Dave Karls, Bob Momberg, Kelly Schmitz, Holly Schultz, Jennifer Toepfer, Marci Enloe

Website Committee

Julie Avila

Melissa Graf, Madelyne Weismantel


Holly Schultz

Melissa Graf, Lisa Hudson, Lee Mikulec, Paul Olsen


Wisconsin Association for Identification
1578 S 11th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204

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