Wednesday, March 14, 2018


8:15 – 8:45        Opening Ceremony

8:45 – 10:45     Fentanyl and Fentanyl Safety
                              Katie Hoffmeyer – Wis. State Crime Lab - Wausau
                              The presentation will cover a discussion on what fentanyl is - illicit vs. pharmaceutical, fentanyl 
rends in Wisconsin and how to properly handle suspected fentanyl  

11:00 – 12:00   DNA Offender Kits

                                      Melisa Wittkowske – Wisconsin State Crime Lab - Madison

12:00 – 1:00     Lunch (included with conference fee)

1:00 – 5:00        Aurora Theatre Shooting - Overview of incident, clearing of shooter's apartment, crime scene,
                                                                            processing of theatre, and shooting reconstruction

                                        Special Agent Charles S. DeFrance – FBI - Colorado
                                        Special Agent Garrett Gumbinner - FBI
                                        Crime Scene Technician Maria Pettolina - Parker, CO Police Department

(2:00 break)     WAI Group Photo

6:30 - ?               President’s Reception/Poster Presentation


Thursday, March 15, 2018


Break Outs – 8:00-9:15, 9:25-10:40, and 10:50-12:05 

  • o   Impact of Virtual Reality and 3D Capture Technology on Crime Scene
    Kevin Ponto, Ross Tredinnick, Simon Smith – UW-Madison
  • o   Electric Vehicle Forensics                                                       
         Detective Tim Blanke – Dane Co. Sheriff
  • o   Unmanned Aerial Vehicle                                                             
         Dep. Scott Lehmann – Dane Co. Sheriff
  • o   Crime Scene Processing on a Shoestring Budget
         Jason Cole – Foster Freeman
         Is your department cutting back on supplies due to the economy? Is your department unable to afford 
         expensive equipment and supplies needed for investigating crime scenes? This class is designed to help 
         crime scene investigators find cost-effective ways to process crime scenes. This class will also show you
         tricks of the trade and showcase some of the latest technology in the field of crime scene investigation.
  • o   Footwear Casting - Hands On
         Vanessa Styx – Wisconsin State Crime Lab (LIMIT 10 PER CLASS) 
          Participants will cast a footwear impression by preparing a dental stone mixture. An overview of casting
          methods for snow impressions will also be given, as well as an introduction to new casting materials. Examples
          of casts made using a variety of combinations of substrates and casting materials will be available for 
          examination. Weather permitting, the enhancement of snow impressions will also be demonstrated. 

Lunch (included with conference fee)

            12:05 – 12:45

  • Break Outs – 12:45-2:00, 2:15-3:30, and 3:45-5:00
  • o   Locating IED’s - includes discussion of military ordinance capabilities of K9's 
            Special Agent Jody M. Keeku - ATF Bomb Specialist
            Special Agent Jason Salerno - ATF
            K9 Officer Jax
            Initial on scene assessment of device by LE and first responder actions
            What to look for without manipulating the device
            How to mitigate exposure and secure the scene
    Collection and processing of HME and precursor chemicals
    ATF explosive law
  • o   Advanced Latents Class Madelyne Weismantel – State Crime Lab (LIMIT 10 PER CLASS) 

    This advanced processing class will cover the use of Gun Bluing to process brass cartridges, Indanedione-Zinc Chloride on paper, Acid Yellow 7 vs Amido Black, and LumicyanoTM. It will also cover lifting from rough surfaces and the inherent  luminescence of fingerprint residue.

  • o   Physical Evidence Collection – Detective Paul Olsen - Sheboygan Police Department
          Learn to effectively identify, collect and process physical evidence to aid in investigations
          Refresh photography skills
          Review evidence collection and processing techniques including DNA, fingerprints and footwear impressions
          Review applications and use of electrostatic lifter and gel lifters
          Become familiar with advanced processing techniques
          Review new processing techniques and technology pertaining to evidence
  • o   Electronic Evidence Collection and Preservation
    Best practices for the collection, preservation, and retention of electronic devices based on current trends and 
          Lieutenant Jim Valley – Brown County Sheriff
          Det. Sergeant Matt Guth - DePere Police Department

6:15   Banquet/Comedy Sportz (dinner included with conference fee)


Friday, March 16, 2018

8:30 – 9:30        

Officer Involved Shooting Investigation – What to Expect

      Detective Lieutenant Jim Mastrocola – Wauwatosa PD

9:45 – 12:30

Boston Marathon Bombing 

              Major Joseph Duggan - Deputy Division Commander of Investigative Services - MA State Police 
              Detective Lt. Al Hunte -  Commander of the State Police Detective Unit in Worcester County - MA State Police

12:30 – 2:00       Lunch and General Membership Meeting (lunch included with conference fee)

2:00                    New Officers and BOD Photos                


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